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World’s first green finance platform with 7% - 12% annual return*. We connect climate finance & projects. Lets grow the movement!

World’s first green finance platform with 7% - 12% annual return* sequestering two tonnes of carbon for every $100 deposited.  Our social mission is to provide financial inclusion for refugees and IDPs on the move, climate vulnerable communities and entrepreneurs globally. Get started today & build real wealth, saving the climate, one tree at a time.

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    Every $100 Deposited, Sequesters 2 Tonnes* of Carbon & Generates $200 of Ecosystem Services


Earn with the GoodWallet. Invest in ocean protection, renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, green development & impact projects. Support non-profits & earn reward tokens for online and retail shopping, games and participating marketplaces.

Tokenisation enables illiquid assets & collectibles to become liquid. We are part of the financial revolution that is bringing the world’s illiquid assets and impact collectibles, onto the blockchain. Our mission is to protect our oceans, restore nature and empower communities to live in abundance. Make an impact today and sign up.


 Climate Savings Account       Earn 7% - 12% Per Year*

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Goodbanc Supports The SDGs Abundance For All

Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
SDG Goodbanc

Redeem Reward Tokens With Participating Retailers

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Mangrove Tree Coin

Mangrove trees clean our oceans, provide habitat for fish and protect coastal communities from storm surges. Mangroves sequester carbon 100x faster than rainforests, producing $5,000 of ecosystem services per hectare. Buy a Mangrove Tree Coin and redeem in the GoodShop and with participating retailers

River Tree Token

River Trees hold river banks together, preventing erosion & protecting sea grass colonies for fish. River Trees (Melaleuca) protect the ocean by stabilizing marine estuary banks and keep ocean waters clear and clean. Buy a verified River Tree Token and redeem in Goodbanc's - GoodShop and with participating retailers.

Living Bridge Coin

Meghalaya's ancient 'living' bridges are made of live tree roots, cared for by local community, who protect the sacred waters that flow to the Brahmaputra all the way to the oceanic Bay of Bengal. Support water protectors to prevent water pollution reaching the ocean. Purchase verified Living Bridge Coins and redeem in participating e-commerce markets.


Skymining AB

Reversing the carbon flow in the biosphere by investing in your own unique Skymine


The world's first asset-backed token, that also heals the earth, through biodiverse carbon sequestration & carbon negative energy generation


Clean energy blockchain network through cryptography and Internet of Things technology


Liquid Token

Liquid Token enables asset owners and project developers to issue digital impact tokens, collectibles and securities tokens on the blockchain for trading and redemption in secondary markets. Deposit tokenized assets into Goodbanc's P2P Finance Market, to receive an instant credit-line.


Organizations and companies who monitor Mother Earth, and reward those who protect her. It is a network of organizations that work together to achieve conservation outcomes with new technology.

Regen Network

The first token linked to ecosystem services with ecological state protocols, verifying state changes. First protocol developed includes no-till farming with carbon sequestration benefits, to be trialed in the near future.

Why Tokenize?

  • Liquidity & Access

    Create liquidity and access, by bringing assets onto the blockchain, powered by Liquid Token technology and MakerDao protocols.

  • Programmable Securities

    Liquid Token enables ventures & assets to issue their equity as tokens that are liquid and can be traded.

  • Raise Capital Globally

    Raise capital for your venture, re-finance assets & start regenerating. Raise capital with Dai stablecoin fiat on/off ramps, and start making an impact.

  • 24/7 Markets & Global Pool of Investors

    Securities token exchanges operate globally 24/7 with a global pool of capital, no national limits.

  • No More Middlemen

    IPOs are expensive, STOs are up to 10x more affordable for ventures and funds to raise capital and list on exchanges

  • More Impact

    Much of the world is un-banked and requires large renewables and social infrastructure investments. We screen applicants to ensure maximum impact is delivered and verifiable.

Impact Screening Process

Maker Impact screens all assets, ventures and funds to ensure impact is achieved with high quality offerings


Tom Duncan

Goodbanc Founder & CEO, Liquid Token Founder, Nintendo, HP, Fund Manager Family Office, RMIT, Research Fellow George Mason University, Initiative for Land, Lives, Peace (ILLP), Blues Award Recipient

Alan Laubsch
Chief Strategy Officer

Risk Metrics Group, JP Morgan, Founder GenBlue, Advisor Veridium

Chau Tang
Chief Operating Officer

Commonwealth Bank, UK Trade & Investment – Director of Investment, NAB, ANZ, BankWest, AusTrade - Trade Commissioner ASEAN

Alessandra Sollberger
Alessandra Sollberger

Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Mosaic Ventures, Mentor at Techstars Accelerator, Barclays FinTech Accelerator, Seedcamp, Oxford Lean Launch, Imperial CreateLab

Dan Friedman
Dan Friedman
Chief Design Officer

Liquid Token, BlockIndex, City of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, ivyKoin, Brandzu

Peggy Liu
Peggy Liu
Advisor - Strategy

Founder & Chair at Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, McKinsey & Company, Symantec, HP, Marks & Spencer, CGI, MIT, Harvard

Hanieh Sadat
Hanieh Sadat
Advisor - Investment

ImpactX Lab, VP Morgan Stanley, G1 Fund GP, Wells Fargo, American Renewable Energy Institute Treasurer

Rishabh Khanna
Rishabh Khanna
Chief Project Developer

Founder, EnviroHealth Matters, Research Analyst - Research Foundation for Science Technology & Ecology, Funding Director - Indian Youth Climate Network, Program Associate IofC Sweden.

Ryan Kushner
Ryan Kushner

New Energy Nexus // California Clean Energy Fund - Global Lead Accelerator Network, Author - Accelerate This!, Mentor - Techstars, Advisory Board SXSW, 500 Startups, Toniic, CarbonTech Labs

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